Alicia Kopp


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Offering instruction in:
Piano • Flute • Oboe • Clarinet • Saxophone • Early Music for Ages 4–7 on Piano, Ukulele, or Guitar

Notable Training: Alicia studied music and the flute privately with the world-class woodwind doubler, Vic Morsoco. As a result of this outstanding training, she is highly skilled at focusing on the development of flute embouchure and tone.

Additionally, she has earned certification in Handwriting Without Tears™, Pre-K through K-5, as well as undertaken training in Handwriting Analysis.

Professional Opus: Alicia is co-owner of A Kopp Music—Lessons & Studios, along with her husband Andrew.

She has been teaching music privately since the age of 16, specializing in flute. She is also a woodwind doubler and has performed for several seasons in the Off-Broadway Musical Theater in New Hope, MN.

In addition to teaching music, Alicia has a passion for science and education, working as a Mad Science teacher at St. Paul’s Mad Science, Inc. in the early 2000s.

Prior to that, Alicia had a career as an ophthalmic technician for optometrists and ophthalmologists in both the Silicon Valley of California and the Twin Cities. Her experience in the medical field contributes to the structure of A Kopp Music’s scheduling and operations.

Alicia has had many memorable highlights throughout her career. She played Tweety Bird and the Tasmanian Devil at the Warner Bros. Studio Store at the Mall of America, and she attended Rag N Bone workshop in the Catskills with the International Recording Artists, Gaelic Storm, in 2013.

In her early years of teaching, Alicia often brought her students to see James Galway perform when he came to town. One year, the group attended an MPR Interview with the Artist prior to his performance. Mr. Galway was so intrigued by the group of young people assembled at the interview that he took all his questions from Alicia’s students and then arranged to meet them after the show. At the age of 21, Alicia was equal parts nervous and ecstatic.

Alicia is an Ambassador for BNI, the world’s largest networking organization and has been a recipient of the BNI Notable Networker award on multiple occasions.

For the Record: “I stumbled into teaching at age 15. It was always a part-time joy that I fit in between my full-time jobs in ophthalmology. I am amazed and grateful that I’ve reached a point in my teaching career where I don’t need to have an additional full-time job, and that I now operate a full music lesson studio.

“I’m influenced by my time with Victor Morosco, who played a fusion of the styles of Julius Baker on Flute and Joseph Allard on Saxophone. My primary focus with flute is on tone production, utilizing harmonics, and taking a physiological approach to the anatomy of the embouchure and surrounding/supporting muscle groups. This is where the medical training meets the musical training.

“I believe in learning through musical literacy first and incorporating handwriting and reading literacy into the process to achieve literacy at all levels! To achieve this, I use the Handwriting Without Tears™ curriculum and practices.

“I have several mentors that I greatly admire. Lucy Davis has been a major influence on me and is directly responsible for getting me started as a private instructor. I was equally influenced by Ert Jones-Hermerding, who was my high school theater teacher. The discipline instilled and the expectation to hold myself to a high standard can be traced directly to them.

“I also have mentors in the medical and music industry that were so giving with their time and knowledge. Dr. Jeffery Fischer of Fisher Laser Eye Center, Drs. Amy and Chris Freed, and Dr. Chad Dockter of Southwest Eye Care, as well as Linda Morris and Jim Harms of Jim Harms’s My Music Store. All of them challenged me and gave me confidence to do more with my private lesson business.

“Artists who have influenced and inspired me are those who are versatile and funny. In fact, I derive great inspiration from music and laughter. As a kid I would record songs on tape from the Dr. Demento Radio Hour, which was often on past my bedtime. This is where I was exposed to Weird Al, Ray Stevens, Spike Jones, and Julie Brown. Later I learned about Peter Schickele aka P.D.Q. Bach, Victor Borge, The Smothers Brothers, and Bette Midler. Bo Burnham, Tim Minchin, and Garfunkel and Oats are contemporary favorites of mine.

“Finally, the musical styles I most enjoy playing and teaching include classical, baroque, Irish, and jazz.”

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